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They say that all good things come in threes – and it seems that there might actually be something to it. It all began with the export of 3 used transformers, that were shipped to Guinea in West Africa in the back of a van. Our African client was quick to realise that our transformers didn't just look good, but that they were absolutely technically sound and fully functional. Since then, we have continuously been supplying transformers to Guinea by sea container.

We have now been in business for over 10 years, in the mean time making deliveries to other countries in West Africa. We normally provide transformers and other electronic equipment to the national energy companies. But our clientele also includes private companies.

It is of the upmost importance to us that every buyer is satisfied with us as a business partner and with our goods. In other words: with us, they should feel that they are in good hands. Only then can a basis of trust be formed and many years of working together guaranteed. We are happy to fulfil special wishes or ongoing services. We do not see ourselves as just a sales office, rather we also take care of the smooth running of entire trading operations. We carry out loading work, transport and customs formalities upon request.

Our services

Today we are in a position to offer all power and distribution transformers from 100 kVA to 25 MV in all common voltage ratios. We have become specialised in the sale of used transformers. All of the transformers come from the German energy grid and are in very good condition. All transformers are examined for perfect technical condition before they are sold. Each transformer comes with an attached test report with information on all relevant measurement data.

Services at a glance:

  • Sale of new & used transformers as well as all associated equipment
  • Loading & shipping as well as customs clearance
  • Trading of all kinds of goods
  • Purchase of scrap & metal

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